Do you know everything about the beret?

We are finally here! Our first article was born!

In the last few weeks we have been thinking a lot about the topic we would choose to start our adventure… and we have written a Fashion article.

We are going to talk about an accessory that has come into fashion again in these winter months: the beret!

What do you think when we talk about it? We think about the Parisian artist, the scene of Gossip Girl in which Chuck Bass talks to Blair and says: “Blair, I see that you are wearing your beret. Who are we spying on tonight?” (season 2, episode 22) and about Princess Diana who wore a bow-trimmed beret coordinated with a red suit jacket during a November- 1987- trip to Berlin.


It dates back to ancient times: in the Bronze Age already you could find the first examples of this headgear in the tombs; in more recent times they were made of felt, leather or cloth. This particular accessorize has transformed a lot of famous high-society women of the last decades into true style icons.

The beret has marked an era and now it is in vogue again, thanks to the creative director of Dior who brought it back on the catwalks of this season and many starlets have worn it.

Wandering around our cities in search of an idea, we have come across a myriad of hats and bonnets whose colours range from white and black to red and pink. They have beads, they are made of wool, or cotton, or they are polka-dots hats.

These months every big clothes shop has had only forms wearing this accessory, that has been too often neglected and little used, but it is very elegant and fashionable instead.

While talking to you girls, we have realized that most of you do not use the beret because you “do not feel” beautiful.

There are many sites or articles written by influencers recommending a particular the type of hat according to your physical characteristics; what is our advice?

You should try them on, try them on once again, put them back and then you will find the most suitable headgear for you! There are hats for any shape face and any length hair. For example, both wide-brimmed hats and classic baseball caps are fit for people having short hair.

As for beret, there is no “rule”, but only a ban: No bang!

Shopping with Miky

I have started to go shopping in order to write this article and one afternoon while being with my husband and I have thought … why do not ask him for an opinion? No mistake has ever been greater than that.

“Alessandro, does the beret fit well? Do you like it?”

“Miky, have you become a painter and you have not told me? You look like an old painter …”

Fortunately, the boyfriend of a friend of mine has supported me, telling me that I was very chic!

So it is easy to think that it can be either loved or hated.

Shopping with Viky

Among various commitments I have gone for a walk through the city center in order to see the shop windows and what they can offer during this period of time.

At Max Mara’s,  Zara’s, Mango’s and at Accessorize’s you can find the model of beret that you like most. In my opinion, it is necessary to stock up with berets in order to wear them on most various occasions and considering different textures you can combine them in a very interesting way.


Are you beret lovers? How would you combine it? Personally, I prefer to wear my gray beret on very cold winter days with a woolen coat with flared sleeves, polka-dot tights and shiny lace-up shoes … which makes me feel like Anne Hathaway in The devils wears Prada.

In the next few months we suggest you to use this garment in a spring version that coordinates, for instance with a short-sleeved sweater and a pair of tartan shorts with high-waist.




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