The way we edit a picture

Dear readers, here we are with the first article in the Photography section. This will be a simple place to exchange ideas and suggestions upon this topic. Of course we just like to shoot photos with our cameras but we aren’t professionals nor we do this as a job.

Today we will talk about how we are editing the photos before being inserted in our Instagram profiles… We are sure many of you will already knows the apps or the way to modify the pics we will cite in here, feel free to leave as many comments as you want. We are always ready to improve ourselves and every advice is more than welcome.

And now… LET’S ROLL !!!!

29666566_10216343585844906_2091347993_nThe history of this blog starts from mine and Michela’s love for the photography, this is what made us meet and known each other on Instagram. This passion made birth the idea of creating an Instagram profile to share all our passions and our different life style, always trying to keep a “feed” unique and able to reflect who we really are.

I’ve discovered VSCO many years ago and immediately found it 100% fit for my needs from the very beginning. The only filter we use is named “HB1”. You can’t find it in the base package of the app: you will have to freely download it from store together its “little brother” HB2.

The usage of this filter does change based on the photo you have in front: if the shoot is very bright, a light apply will be sufficient as a start in order to enhance its effect, without the risk of making it too much grainy. 29831433_10216344056616675_333375076_o

After this comes the moment of real modifications, also this ones to be used carefully… we do not want to make our shoots too “fake”. We normally act on exposure, contrast, temperature, focus and image cropping.

After having “played” enough with all this instruments and reached the desired result, we go straight to Instagram typically applying another filter called “Ludwig”. Feel free to use that as you like best!

If we like the result the last step is publish it, not forgetting to add the caption, tag of locations and hashtags. In case the result is not what expected we typically act clicking on sharpness and on the leverages related to highlights and shadows.


As a rule of thumb this is the method we use to modify our shoots. Which is yours? Which feed type do you prefer for your gallery?

Let us know in the comments. We are curious as hell !
Here the links to our shared Miky&Viky and personal Instagram profiles.
Hoping to have provided useful insights, we are waiting you all in the next post.

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