Antigravity – Yoga in flight

Antigravity is a new yoga class that makes use of a hammock; like Booty Barre it was born in America thanks to Christopher Harrison who has combined yoga, pilates and gymnastics.

What are its benefits on our body that are more visible than a normal yoga class?

It allows to take advantage of the force of gravity reducing the burden of body weight: it creates space inside the spine and can add few centimeters in height for a short period of time. Antigravity strengthens the abdominal and dorsal muscles, acts on the lymphatic and circulatory system and improves balance. This is a real gymnastics in the clouds, a different and funny way to work on our body: the oxygen that comes to the head allows you to get a “natural facelift”. The presence of “asanas” (in the jargon of Antigravity it means “retroversions”) is often too complex and requires several minutes of suspension upside down with the support of the fabric as well as in yoga.

At this point a question arises spontaneously…

Who can practice Antigravity?

In general, anyone being able to have a good balance and a strong abdomen can attend these lessons, but you must avoid it in case of certain diseases. Consult your doctor or your instructor first.

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What is the most suitable clothing and where can you attend this class?

It is better to use a tight-fitting clothing, not too loose; moreover, it has to be made of cotton to avoid slipping; it is better to wear gloves to protect your hands. We recommend half-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts, pants without zip or buttons and sports bras.

Here you can find where you can practice Antigravity:

  • Rome:




  • in Bologna:

VIRGINE ACTIVE Casalecchio di Reno


Take a look at this video if corious


Who has already tried this discipline? Who will try it after reading our article?

Let us know your 45-minute antivigravity experience.

To the next article!

Michela and Vittoria


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