Trip to Milan – A week end with me

Hi followers,

After so many months of silence, we are back with anew article about my Milanese weekend. I will take you with me to discover aMilan that is a little bit different from the usual.

After arriving late at night on Friday at Milan Central Station and after a good night’s sleep at a friend of mine’s house, the walk started on Saturday morning with a good breakfast at Pavè’s: after a short wait and with my stomach mumbling, hunger was satisfied with the arrival of a small portion of St. Honoré cake with a good warm cappuccino. The menu is full of delights and their specialty is the coffee braid (it’s absolutely recommended).

– Pavè –

The real kilometers-long marathon begins now with the first stop at Indro Montanelli public gardens among children playing with a ball and families lying in the sun.

– Lùbar –

With the excuse of a coffee, we stopped at the Lùbar’s (inside Villa Reale Gam) and I was enchanted with its interior room: a forest full of banana trees and exotic plants. I promised myself to come back there for a lunch with friends. Next stop Villa Necchi to see the “Soffio di Primavera” (Breath of Spring), the exhibition-market that celebrates the first flowering of the season… but how time flies! Lunchtime is approaching; we came back to Porta Nuova area to taste the Kanji sushi. It looks like a super-elegant restaurant with flowers on the ceiling and quite dark tones, but it is ultra-technological: you can order the dishes directly from the tablet placed near the table (you can choose between  All you can eat  or a la carte menus).

After this tasty fish blowout, we moved on foot to the Brera area with a stop at the Pinacoteca’s; we decided not to visit it that very afternoon, but we preferred to relax in the bar inside the cloister, sipping a cup of Whittington green tea.

After a quick change of outfit, I could not but go… first of all to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and then to the Duomo. I have already seen them in a previous trip, but they are always fascinating. Some shots in the square and then straight to the Navigli area for my next destination: Tenoha & | Ramen’s, the second oriental meal of the day in the Japanese ramen house; its menu contains different types of ramen and I have chosen the vegan one (vegetable broth and soy milk served with fried tofu, marinated bamboo, spring onions and seasonal vegetables).

This dish satisfied my hunger a lot and I liked it too, but that allowed me to still have room for dessert. In fact, we went to California Bakery’s for a chocolate muffin and only then I was full up. With my feet boiling after a 18- kilometer walk, we set the alarm clock early (even if we woke up an hour later) for the next days’ tour. March 4th was the first Sunday of the month, so we took the opportunity to go around some museums: without having breakfast, we immediately headed for the Pinacoteca di Brera and after a hour’s queue, we managed to visit all its 38 rooms. They housed lots of paintings by various artists (Caravaggio, Raphael, Hayez, Mantegna, Bellini, Piero della Francesca, Tintoretto and so on) … the painting  that most impressed me is “The Kiss” by Hayez.

While admiring all these paintings, the time passed by very quickly and we had to run away because we had booked a table at Vanilla Bakery’s to taste their delicious brunch. There are various possibilities to choose from: for 27 Euros I ate a Vanilla Cheeseburger with bacon and sausage, with a side dish of fries, panicle and a mixture of deep fried food, a basket of bread and  a focaccia with sauces, a glass of fruit juice, a cup of American coffee and … last but not least, a cupcake of your choice (fortunately I did not have breakfast ahahahaha)!

– City Life Area –

In order to digest the abundant brunch, we decided to take a stroll inside the City Life area, the new Milanese area that includes a large park, the Museum of Contemporary Art, a commercial center and new hyper-futuristic residential areas. I loved this neighborhood very much, even though I was totally unaware of its existence.

The second museum of the day was the Armani Silos, in the Tortona area, which is a four-level huge space with 400 dresses and 200 accessories from all the collections since 1980 onwards as well as a temporary exhibition entitled “Fabula” by Charles Fréger. What can I say? The exhibition is very special, with photographs that portray sporting, military, festive or educational communities with which the artist creates a bond focusing on the body and clothing of the subject in question. As for the Haute Couture collection, I can simply say that every dress leaves everyone open-mouthed. Below a sneak peek for you to see and to know your opinion on it.

After visiting this site, we returned home, we resteda bit – after a 14-kilometer walk – and then, in the evening, I took the trainback to Rome.

I have to say that every time I go to Milan, I discover new things and I am already making a list about what I intend to visit next time. Have you already visited Milan? Which monuments or museums have you found more inspiring ?

Tell us about your experience in the comments … so Ican update my list of things to go and see.

To the next article!



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